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    beard color black
    Small Size Capsule
    Great Results
    For Small Areas, Gray Root Touch Up
    Moustaches, SideBurn, Beard, Temples Area
    No Ammonia Capsule Hair Color
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  • Indus valley capsule color
     beard colour
    beard color black
    roots touch ups
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    beard color dark brown
    Spott Color
    Spott Capsule Hair Color
    Root Touchups
    Side Burns
    Temple Area
Indus valley capsule color in india

Indus Valley Spott Hair Color

Spott color is basically India’s first capsule hair color that comes under the name of Indus valley brand. It comes in a compact form capsule which small in size and is very effective. It is basically deigned small gray areas like side burns, mustache, temple areas and goatty. It is useful to get shining and smooth hair. It is the best product so far that has been designed with most care in the foothills of Himalayas. Spott color is thus the best product available so far for saving time as well as money. Spott color is the best color to cover small gray spots.

1 capsule is quite enough to serve the purpose. It comes in a special pack with an applicator brush specially designed for its application. Spott color is the most reliable and the safest product available so far as it contains all the essential ingredients which are natural and organic. It is clinically tested in the lab by experts thus making it an extremely useful color.

Place of Uses

Root Touch Ups, SideBurn, Mustaches, beard, Temple Area, Goatty

Indus valley capsule color in india

Root Touch Ups

Indus valley capsule color




Temple Area


As Easy as 1, 2, 3

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